Supporting Kidscan A fabulous local research charity, helping children with cancer to survive & thrive.

Housing Units turns 75 this year!

We have lots of activity planned to mark this special occasion but felt it would be extra special if we could help those less fortunate.

We continue to support a fabulous local charity Kidscan, a children’s research charity who are doing remarkable things to help children with cancer to survive and thrive.

Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research are a Salford based charity, dedicated to beating childhood cancer.

In the UK, only 3.5% of medical research spend is dedicated to childhood cancer. But Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research are different. By funding research across the UK, they are dedicated to finding new targeted therapies for children with cancer.

Kidscan aims to both improve survival rates and stop the late effects that current treatments cause. Their research focuses on:

  • Improving or supplementing current treatments to eliminate the damage they cause to healthy cells
  • Finding new ways to deliver treatments, reducing the damage they cause whilst increasing the number of cancers they can safely reach
  • Developing new treatments to increase treatment options that target cancerous cells, keeping healthy cells safe

“By funding research across the UK we are dedicated to finding new targeted therapies for children with cancer. By finding safe new treatments we can create a world where every child can survive and thrive without suffering late effects.” – Kidscan

The 75-mile Summit to Sea Triathlon

We couldn’t possibly ask for any donation without setting a ridiculous challenge for our team to complete! Following on from our Big 70 challenge in 2017 and fitting with our 75-year anniversary theme, we came up with the idea of completing a 75-mile Summit to Sea Triathlon on the 17th June, which comprises the following:

  • Leg one – 20 mile mountain run across Striding Edge
  • Leg two – Cycle 49 miles across Wrynose & Hardnott Pass
  • Leg three – Relay swimming 6 miles of Lake Windermere         

As you can appreciate, the thought of this challenge for our team is quite daunting to say the least!

Take a look at some of the photos from our Big 70 Challenge, 2017 below!

We believe this madness is deserving of a donation towards Kidscan. We have set a target of raising over £10,000 from this unique event, which will be donated to help children with cancer.

Any gesture would be very much appreciated and you can help easily by donating to this worthy cause at:

Housing Units is fundraising for Kidscan (

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

As the UK prepared to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we headed down to The Royal Manchester Children’s hospital with Kidscan, to bring a little joy to ward 86 – for children being treated for cancer and their families.

We delivered Afternoon Tea, presents and games to the ward, which went down a treat with the children as we all celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee together!

We really enjoyed taking the party atmosphere and a bit of normalcy to the brave children in the hospital receiving cancer treatment, whilst giving them a chance to join in with the celebrations!

In addition to supporting children with cancer through activities such as the afternoon tea party, we’re also aiming to raise over £ 75,000 for the fantastic charity, Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research.

If you would like to donate to Kidscan, any gesture would be hugely appreciated and you can do this easily through our Just Giving page:

Housing Units is fundraising for Kidscan (

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