The HU Professional Glass Cleaner Introducing new ways to use our tried, tested and trusted HU glass cleaner

With the world of social media going crazy for new cleaning products and different hacks, it can feel a little overwhelming knowing which are the best products to use whilst cleaning your home. Let us introduce to you, our fabulous HU Professional Mirror & Glass Cleaner, which is not only perfect for putting the shine back into your mirrors and glass! Here we give an insight into our best-selling cleaning product and the different ways you can use it around your home.


The spring-cleaning dream team…

As with most cleaning agents, you are going to need a good quality cloth to gain the best results. We recommend using a Microfibre Cloth with our glass cleaner, as not only are they a great all-rounder, they are more environmentally-friendly than using rolls of paper & will save you money too!

We love the E-Cloth Glass and Polishing Cloth which traps dirt and grime within its fibres. The cloth is also available in assorted colours, so you can colour co-ordinate your cloths for the various tasks ahead.

The E-Cloth Microfibre Polishing Cloth

Useful tip: Folding your cloth a couple of times so you have a few dry areas to work with will prevent product build up and oversaturation.


Ways to use your HU Professional Mirror & Glass Cleaner

Okay, so we’ll start with the obvious… Glass! The HU Professional Mirror & Glass Cleaner removes grubby fingerprints with ease, leaving a dazzling, streak free shine to be admired. Our much-loved cleaning solution is perfect for use on mirrors, windows, and even your specs, so you can clearly ‘see’ the results for yourself!

Brighten light fittings and enhance the beauty of your home accessories, such as ornaments and vases with a reflective shine. The cleaner is also great for car windscreens and mirrors, along with wheel trims, headlights, interior dashboards and more.

Useful tip: Wiping windows from top to bottom in an ‘S’ shape will ensure full coverage & prevent smears.


High Shine Furniture

As well as being ideal for glass & mirrored furniture, the glass cleaner works like a dream on high-shine and glossy finishes. Try it on wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and even tiles for a perfectly polished appearance.

Useful tip: Dusting or carefully vacuuming any dirt with a handheld dust attachment first will prevent excess dirt being smeared around.


Stainless Steel

Door handles, splash-backs, appliances, taps, toilet flushers, towel rails… The list goes on! There are many things we touch and use several times a day, which are often forgotten about. Buffing up your stainless steel with our unbeatable glass cleaner & microfibre cloth combo will remove watermarks and grime, leaving even the boring bits of your home looking fabulous!

Useful tip: Ensure kitchen appliances are clean from grease and spills before polishing to perfection with your glass cleaner and cloth!

Pick Up Yours Today!

The HU Professional Glass cleaner can be purchased both in-store and online, so why not try it for yourself today? You won’t be disappointed!

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