Objets Nomades – NEW for Spring 2021 Rich & elegant

The azure-soaked treasures of a world traveller who finds warmth wherever they land. Moving from lofty Nordic decor to rich Italian design, find inspiration from every corner of the globe in one room – bringing the style of faraway lands home.

Featuring deep blues and striking gold highlights, this trend blends a modern vision with rustic tones. Similarly, the natural, weathered lines of the rustic pieces nestle amongst the more angular shapes of the contemporary in a seamless fashion. It’s unsurprising therefore, that choosing a look like the one highlighted in this article will make your space project a sense of adventure and exploration.


NOMAD extra large sofa


ST KITTS Dining table 240cm, Jacob button back bench 200cm, Jacob straight bench 200cm and Jacob chair


Choose from our selection of bar stools

Add that finishing touch

Here we present some ideas to accessorise this travel-inspired trend:

Objets Nomades – New for Spring 2021

This look is just one of four exciting trends we have launched this Spring including the Italian inspired Via del Milano, The New York themed, Madison Avenue and the coastal trend, Ocean Drive. Whilst each trend is distinctively different, the thread of travel runs through them all bringing a sense of freshness and re-energizing to our homes.

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