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One of the things I speak about in my business, The Manifestation Collective, is the positive benefits to a planning mindset – especially when times are uncertain. Planning a holiday for next year, planning house updates, even planning a day out. It’s a huge help when we’re stuck in the cycle of not being able to see past this season of life, and without dipping too much into of the woo, optimism is a great energy to vibrate at.
Which is why today I wanted to share a trip I took over to Manchester before life took a turn for the quiet, to visit Housing Units and see what their new SS20 collection had in store. There was a part of me which wondered if there was any point in sharing a store that isn’t open at the minute, but then I thought back to the planning mindset.
Right now, there might be parts of your home that are craving a little attention. There might be parts you’ve decided you’re just not happy with and you need some inspiration. Well, this is where I can help.

Cortina Blue Fabric Extra Large Sofa

Royal Doulton Pacific Splash 16 Piece Set | Housing Units

You see, Housing Units has home décor inspiration by the bucket load. In fact, there is so much inspiration it’s split into two separate buildings across a number of floors. You might remember my last visit to the Manchester-based department store, where I was able to get a sneak peek at the new season before anyone else.
My third visit back in March didn’t disappoint and I’d say this is potentially my favourite season yet (once you see the Mint Soft Tropics story you’ll understand why).

Decorative Buddah Ornaments | Housing Units

So today in a bid to inspire you, not only in an interiors sense, but potentially planning where you’ll visit when the world returns to normal, I’m taking you on a guided tour around Housing Units to discover just what they have in store for you when the doors reopen.

Mint Soft Tropics

Mint is one of 2020’s most uplifting colour trends, with a real focus on nature and wellbeing. With mint at its heart, alongside luxe palm prints and accessories, this collection is a soft, calm and welcoming style to invite into your home.

Large Round Brass Wall Mirror | Housing Units

Scatter Box Goa Jungle Scene Green Cushion | Housing Units

Fern Patterned Nest of 2 Tables | Housing Units

Green Glass Hurricane Pot | Housing Units

Cushions | Decorative Cushions - Housing Units

There’s a real opulence to this range, reminding us of hazy days under the sun with a cocktail in hand. Expect to see velvet, brass and gold surfaces and palm tree references.

Global Explorer

Housing Units takes a journey overseas for SS20, gathering inspiration from different cultures whilst paying homage to both past and present. This trend is an exotic fusion of unexpected textures and earthy tones.

Lafayette Weathered Pine 200cm Dining Table | Housing Units

Expect bold, eclectic prints, lush fabrics and collectable treasures picked up along the way, creating an ambiance of far-away lands.

Natural Sustainability

This beautiful eco-friendly interior trend is pieced together with furniture that hails from the forests of Latvia, bringing rich history, character and personality into your home.

Sienna 140cm Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table & 4 Grenada Chairs | Housing Units

Montana Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table | Housing Units

Antique Wood Table Lantern | Housing Units

Sienna Grey Leather 3 Seater Sofa | Housing Untis

Sienna Grey Leather Armchair | Housing Units

Each design is handcrafted out of wood, recycled from railway sleeps, old furniture and doors by Latvian artisans. Giving this trend the authentic, rustic and natural look that only aged wood can give.

Refined Glamour

If there was one word to describe Housing Units, it would have to be luxe. And the new trend, Redefined Glamour, embraces this entirely. With luxury materials such as pewter, marble and velvet; this trend features dining and living room, alongside a UK exclusive bedroom range.
Ursina Grey Marble Pillar Table Lamp | Housing Units

Cassidy Pink Velvet Accent Chair | Housing Units

Black and White Marble Ceramic Pot | Housing Units

Expect classic Chesterfield silhouettes, sculptured artwork, and a muted colour palette brought to life with the richness of texture.

Outdoor Therapy

Ah, the wish to have an amazing garden space so I could incorporate this dream collection. Outdoor Therapy is designed to encourage outdoor spaces to be an extension of our homes. Blurring the boundaries between outdoor and indoor living.
Venice Rattan Garden Sofa Chair | Housing Units

This collection marries form and function perfect, and key pieces including the Ibiza dining range and the Venice woven chairs.

I hope this post has filled you with a little inspiration for when we can start shopping once again. The beauty of Housing Units (although their online shop is still operating) is that it really is designed to be a destination visit. So not only do you have a number of buildings within the department store grounds, covering every aspect of home design, there is also an onsite restaurant which, as someone who has personally eaten there, is well worth a visit.

For directions and opening hours, please visit the website here, and let me know which of these trends you like the most.

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