How to Decorate a Christmas Tree – The Definitive 10 step guide By Guest Blogger Chrissie of @chrissiescorner

Christmas comes just once a year and preparations for the big day can be stressful, from shopping for the perfect present to preparing a mean feast on the day. But who can deny the joy of putting up your Christmas tree?  Whether you choose artificial or real there are secrets to making it look stunning, stand out and be an Instaworthy show piece for all the right reasons.

If you feel like your tree is not making the grade or you want some inspiration on how to decorate your tree this year scroll down for the top ten tips to take your tree from basic to brilliance!

  1.  Invest In A Good Tree

Whether you go for an artificial or a real tree it’s worth spending a bit more to get a high quality tree. Housing Units sell trees which are crafted from premium materials which provide sturdy and reliable support for decorations. Using a good quality tree which is durable will mean that you can use your tree for repeated use every Christmas.

  1. Location

Once you have decided on what type of tree you are having you need to think about a location for the tree especially if space is restricted in your home. Ideally it would be near a plug socket and not in a place where people could trip over it. Also do not place a tree near a radiator or fire. Consider placing your tree next to a statement mirror to give a fabulous aesthetic.

  1. Fluffing and Faffing!

Once your tree is in position if it is an artificial one it is imperative that you fluff out the branches and “faff” to make the branches look fuller and more natural. Separate each branch and bend any individual branches to fill in gaps. Once you’ve done this stand back and check the shape. The more time you spend fluffing and faffing the better your tree will look once decorated!

  1. Lighting

It’s a must that you start with the lights first as it’s difficult to add the lights once you have put the decorations on. Start at the base of the tree and work up wrapping the lights evenly around the branches. Housing Units sell an extensive range of pre- lit Christmas trees which will save you time and money. If your colour scheme for your tree is golds, creams and pastel shades opt for a warm white light. If you have a blue hues in your scheme cool whites are more suitable.

  1. Theme

Decide on a theme for your tree rather than just leaving it to chance. Scandi, winter white, blush pink with florals or traditional Christmas Red with plaid ribbons. A popular trend this year is large oversized baubles and structured ribbons and oversized floral decorations on trees.

  1. Baubles

Housing Units have a huge selection of different  bauble decorations for your tree ranging from traditional baubles to edgy and modern tree baubles in every colour. To give your tree depth and uniformity cluster your baubles into 3 different sizes. Place different baubles next to each other to give flair and visual appeal.

  1. Tree Picks

Tree picks can take your tree from drab to fab! Housing Units have an extensive selection of tree picks which include decorated branches, twigs, berries, pine cones, poinsettias and even artificial apples! Weave the tree picks into your tree spacing them out evenly to make sure that two tree picks are not next to each other.

  1. Tree Skirt

A tree skirt isn’t essential but it definitely gives a finished look to your tree and it can double up as a place to disguise the tree light cables. Choose a skirt to match the colour and design of the tree.

  1. Topper

Housing Units has some beautiful and unique toppers for your tree this year to complete the designer look of your Christmas tree. This year more is more and don’t be understated just ensure that it fits in with your theme and also the proportion of your tree.

  1. Make it a family affair!

Have fun and get the whole family involved! If you can’t bear the bauble placement your little ones will do perhaps set up their own tree to decorate. Have fun with it as it’s a lovely part of the festivities! Bring the family in store to Housing Units Winter Wonderland where you can get into the festive spirit!

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