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There’s always been the desire to get creative with baking since the take off of the Great British Bake Off. Here’s your chance to get the best tools, helping you bake more at home.  Baking is a timeless activity that is always full of fun. Not only this but it can be an escape from your busy daily routine, a time for some mindfulness and help you to engage yourself in greater positivity.

Thinking about upgrading your bake-ware utensils? We have a selection to help you embrace your inner Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood. The scales are accurate and are the perfect kitchen assistance. Not only do you need to accurately measure your ingredients but prepare your ingredients down to the last chocolate chip.

Today there is a greater variety of baking ingredients like the recipe below for courgette muffins so your cooking equipment needs to be versatile to meet the demands. With healthier baking a key new trend, why not invest in the tools to make this possible. Once you discover your inner cooking skills you’ll never want to stop! Although, if you still need your chocolate fix you could opt for chocolate courgette (zucchini) muffins giving you your chocolate fix whilst adding something healthy. Therefore, you can still satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Getting your chocolate fix is a daily must ! Making sure you have a selection cooking utensils you can enjoy a variety of different variations of chocolate in baking. Starting from your novice chocolate muffins through to the delicate craft of a dark chocolate, coconut and passion fruit mousse cake.

To make sure your baking is at the top level, check out the best equipment to make you feel like you could win the Great British Bake Off ! From making cookies to a beautiful banana loaf the SMEG collection of food mixers can create the perfect mix. With a variety of colours there is one to suit every home.

With the smell of freshly baked goods it doesn’t matter about your kitchens size or if its the most modern place. The most important thing is that you have the right tools and enjoy every moment in your kitchen cooking and baking!

Don’t forget to visit our Wickentree Restaurant and Hollinwood cafe to experience our beautifully hand made cakes and bakery goods. Better yet why not experience our Afternoon Tea. A place where the cakes are already freshly baked for you…saving you all the washing up!

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