Understanding flooring in your home… Feature Flooring

Feature flooring can be the key to transforming your home. There are many ways to style and maximise the use of flooring to create a sense of space and area in any living space. Let’s explore some top ways to find the perfect flooring for your home. With this being most people’s aim to create the space you are after read on to see how we can help you achieve this!

Do different shades of flooring affect room size?

Hard flooring could be the right choice for your home with both light and dark finishes. If you are struggling which side to choose, both colours have beneficial features when designing a room. Even though you may feel as though dark flooring is a daunting feature in your home it can really bring a concept of more space similarly how light wooden floor does.

Another interior feature you can easily implement to accentuate the flooring is by using contrasting colours in your home.  If you did decide to you can add depth to your room with the continuous style, the flooring is brought to life with a dash of colour using a rug. They can lighten up your room by bringing colours in. A beneficial impact of rugs is they easily add a plush finish or a warming colour to your home.

Why choose the same flooring throughout?

Creating an effortless flow to your home is easily achieved by matching your flooring in your rooms. Having no breaks in different flooring, allows continuity which can create a sense of a larger room. With breaks in different flooring types it demonstrates the segregated rooms. Thus, impacting the perception of space having the same flooring further expands your living space.

Another design feature you can easily implement to accentuate the flooring is by using contrasting colours in your home. Going for this look draws your attention to the intricate pattern, giving you the illusion of a bigger room. Using diagonal patterns can draw your attention to the floor which is an important factor in your home.

Hard flooring, laminate or vinyl?

Picking the overall material of your floor can be a range of different variants. From the look, to the price or that it is just what you want. We have a host of different flooring types so you can find the perfect floor !

Hard flooring can bring an authentic and more traditional look to your home. This high end finish to your home brings effortless style and can be used to accentuate home accessories and furniture. But, one of the strengths of using hard flooring be it laminate or vinyl it is a long lasting floor making it cost effective, always a benefit when designing your home. Not only that but the durability means it can look good in all home interiors.

Laminate flooring could be the look you are going for. This keeps your life easy as its easy to clean and the variety available both in-store and online from Amtico to Pergo flooring can bring the depth to a room or hallway that you are looking for. Therefore, these well known brands ensure you are getting the quality flooring you are after with our selection of luxury vinyl tiles.

If you have a more lively house vinyl flooring has a noise reducing impact to help keep the peace and quiet in your home. The texture of this flooring really gives it a realistic feel without having the worry of damage you may be concerned with natural flooring.  An additional quirk means you can add motifs giving your home a unique touch.

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