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Flooring is always an important choice for any interior space to create a look or sense of comfort. Rugs are a complimentary accessory for any room whether you want to complete your living room or be quirky in the bathroom. If you feel you need to revive your home, this is a simple and effective way to do so with a new rug.

If you are struggling on what material is best suited to your home read on to see our top picks.

Our top 5 most sought after rugs to style your home with this year!
  1. Verge Ridge Grey 

Striking dimensional effects to add sophistication and effortless style to your living room. With the 3 dimensional design there is no wonder this is our customers favourite rug! The depth to each verge adds character and the silver shine creates a contemporary design ideal for a modern home. This rug is available in a wide variety of sizes whether you’ve got a small or big space to fill.

2. Fairmont Taupe

A shaggy cosy rug, to cushion you feet as you walk. Having a neutral coloured rug accentuates bold features in your living room. This high quality square rug can define your room by setting out the zones in a room. See this article on the rug buying guide, to best inform you on the best suited rug layout.

3. Verge Honeycomb Grey and Ochre Rug

An exciting and colourful twist to this honeycomb designed rug. The bold design brings life into your room with the sharp contrast between the grey and ochre. The benefit of this design is the ability to make this rug a centrepiece in your room or you can use the ochre detailing to tie in accessories in your room to make it complete. If the ochre doesn’t quite fit in with your colour theme we have some different colour options which may better suit you !

4. Plush Shaggy Silver Rug Collection

A shining and opulent touch to finish your room. This high standard of rug creates a soft fluffy underfoot in your home, bringing more comfort in, creating a constant sense of warmth. With the plush finish it is a warm and welcoming touch to make your floor more inviting.

5. Mad Men Jersey Stone Rug Collection

Using multiple layers to create the beautiful finish, with a combination of new wool and cotton chenille, it really brings the vintage vibe into your home. A classic rug design but a contemporary look to complete your living space. If you are questioning if the rug is suitable for your modern lifestyle, the design ensures this with the anti-slip layer for a secure fit and longevity of the design.

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