Timeless Teal Introducing our latest Spring 2019 trend...

This week we delve into the Timeless Teal trend, taking inspiration from clean edges and sculptural creativity. Join us this week to see how you can accessorise or inspire you home decor. Read on for more top tips on this trend…

Teal accessories add depth to your room by anchoring the theme clearly to your bedroom. This theme is vibrant and brings in colour and different shades. Meet the Essence range adding a cool finish to your space. Looking at the detailing on each piece of furniture shows off the curved design and glossy finish, transforming your room into a superior place to relax.

This theme is perfect if you want to make your bedroom a light room with hints of silver. This creates an airier atmosphere making it easier for you to drift off each night. The exciting part of the headboard is the ability to set the mood with the delicate lighting.

To complete this look there are a few recommended styling tips

  1. low hanging lighting
  2. bold wall art
  3. use of teal vases and ornaments

By following these simple steps it brings your room alive!

Hints of floral or different shades of teal really brings this trend to life. A simple step is through small injections of teal using accessories such as cushions or through lamp shades. Another way to either add subtle hints or complete the rooms interior to reflect what you want in your room.

A final remark about the use of teal, can be taken from the psychological understanding of what this colour contributes toward. Teal positively translates feeling of calming and tranquillity, which is perfect for a bedroom. Suiting the space with the sole purpose of sleeping.  So, if you need to unwind after a busy day and in need of transforming your bedroom don’t forget TEAL to create a peaceful ambience !

Come back next week to explore our Grey Mystique trend ! For the latest ideas follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see up-to-the minute from each trend and top tips.

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