Spring Sorbet Introducing our latest Spring 2019 trend...

This week we delve into the Spring Sorbet trend, organising a selection of colours to add a burst of colour into your home. Join us this week to see how you can accessorise or inspire you home decor. Read on for more top tips on this trend…

Breaking down this theme, meet Cleo a range perfect to fit in any home with simple design and bursts of colour to bring in the Spring spirit. The signature Cleo sofa is cleverly designed to fit everyone on. With the cleverly designed curved edges to hug everyone who sits here, a welcoming seat. A complimentary addition to the sofa is through the use of yellows and dusky pinks to create this cool style with a twist. Easily done with cushions and throws.

Look at the use of coral and pink inspiration with the designer Dmitry Reutov, using bursts of coral. His inspiration came by developing a wild Mexican landscape interior, a little different to the Spring Sorbet theme. However, this demonstrates how successful splashes of colour can be used and the greater use of coral features in the home.

Comparing the uses of coral, the Spring Sorbet injects colour into any room. Not only does this trend accessorise with hues of lemon and rose but it also uses pastel colours. To tie in all the colours of this trend, accessorise the room with funky wall art. Pineapple artwork really livens up wall space will a burst of colour and character!

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