Glamourouso Deco Introducing our first Spring Trend...

To kick start our Spring Trends we explore the Glamourouso Deco theme, taking inspiration from the 1930’s and bringing it into the 21st century. Join us this week to see how you can accessorise or inspire you home decor. Read on for more top tips on this trend…

This clip perfectly summarises how simply elegant this theme is. By adding geometric patterns it adds a depth to your interior, complimenting the Art Deco influence. Quirky use of geometric patterns can add to the cleanliness and order within a room by drawing your eyes onto the detail.

The best way to implement this interior in your home is to use touches of gold and bronze, adding dimension. By doing this to make subtle yet bold additions to your home interior. Using touches of this colour combination adds richness to your room making it as sophisticated as you

The second step to complete this look is to compliment plush velvet with high gloss oak, this combination really highlights the decadent theme.  To maximise the opulence of the room it is best to accessorise with gold accents and statement lighting.

Throughout this theme the plush velvet and high gloss oak perfectly combine to the flawlessness of the Glamouorouso Deco theme. The contrast between the depth of the oak finishes of the Medina collection and the gold accessories, highlights the injections of the 1930’s style brought into the modern day.

With simple gold detailing on your tableware it brings through the theme casually, accentuating the other golden accessories in the room. By completing the room with finishes of gold makes the theme easily translate through, making all aspects of the room seamlessly lavish.

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