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The story behind Stressless …

If you are one to want to know where your furniture comes from then this article is for you.


Each Stressless chair is deeply rooted with its Nordic heritage which has been passed down through each generation of furniture making. Understanding the importance of design and continuous progression of this furniture is expressed by Stressless themselves…

“designing the most comfortable seating in the world did not just happen overnight”

Each of the chairs combines the original design for ergonomic comfort with modern technology to provide one of the best seats.

Stressless not only care about their products but the company’s footprint, they conduct sustainable production processes. They make these small steps to protect future generations, separating this brand apart with the continual drive for greener production. A few steps they take can be seen using the excess wood chipping from carving each chairs base are used for heating, cutting back on their energy demand. It also limits the reliability on surrounding forests.

Another step to minimise waste they give the left over off cuts of the leather to smaller companies to use for smaller products. The overall aim is to create a product with a minimal ecological footprint.

Why Stressless?

Do you want to know what sets this reclining chair apart from other brands? Read on for the top reasons people buy Stressless reclining chairs and sofa’s. These top reasons can give you some ideas whether this style of chair is for you…

    • superior comfort and support
    • each chair is ergonomically designed to utilise ones own body positioning and cradle you in comfort
    • the functionality of each chair makes for a more comfortable and relaxing space
    • unique system of springs conform to the curve of your back

These top tips set this chair apart, making this piece of furniture different.

The different styles…

We offer a variety of different chairs and sofas which can accommodate the different needs you require. Here’s a break down of our most popular styles to help you understand which style is best for you.

The Stressless Mayfair has that classic Stressless look you are familiar with an elegant yet laid back design. Its cushioning is extra supple and comfortable. The steel frame is set with Flexo-springs, which gives it a durable build and extra sitting comfort. Moulded polyurethane cold foam with Comfort Zones gives your body exactly the right amount of support, and the plush polyester fibres provide that gentle touch of luxury.

Here at HU we offer a variety of different Stressless colours in the Mayfair range; Paloma Silver Grey, Paloma Beige or Grey and Oak.

The Buckingham, and Windsor collections offer exclusive comfort as their name suggests. With gentle curves, padded arms and a supple seat, these sofas offer an invitation to pure relaxation. A speciality of these chairs is the Stressless design feature using their Glide System, this design ensures you get maximum support for the whole body whilst you relax and unwind.

Considering the different design features of this piece of furniture the chairs come with either a classic or signature base. With this option it increases the variety homes these chairs are perfect for. If you are looking for a modern or a more classic interior approach to your home. Both bases offer 360 degree rotation however the Signature base provides dynamic adjustment to cradle your body.

Last but not least the accessories to offer ultimate comfort. Each chair can be accompanied by an elevator ring so it makes sitting down easy and not such a difficult task. Additionally, if you prefer to cosy up in front of the TV and want a nice hot drink but worry about spilling, the Stressless side table is perfect for you ! You can just slide the table under the chair so you can easily access whatever you need by your side.

Maintaining the best version of your chair is important with the chair base protector and leather wipes. Taking care of this piece of furniture is important in order to maximise it to its potential, giving you ultimate comfort.

One of our specialities is that we hold some stock of the Mayfair, Windsor and Buckingham, which means for you that you can get your perfect chair sooner than you expected. But if you do prefer a more tailored chair our friendly staff can advise you on the right chair or sofa.

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