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Do you feel like the walls in your home are closing in on you?

Ever get that feeling? Do you look around your home and think, where did all my space disappear to? When you first move in to a new home, you seem to have acres of room to play with. So what happened? You’ve gone from finding furniture to make your room feel homely and now you can’t move for clutter.

Chances are your family has grown, you’ve bought a pet or simply have acquired a host of belongings that have filled up your home. Creating predefined spaces  can prove tricky; a dining area is no different.

The Dining Issue

A dining room is often multi-functional however primarily it’s a place to eat. The clue is in the title. That said, it can also serve as a spare room away from the TV, to relax in or take a phone call. A home office or even a play area for children.

Retaining space therefore is vital. Whether you live in a medium sized semi-detached, new build, flat or apartment, space can be a valuable commodity. So what can we do to maximise space? Smaller furniture? Not always practical. Build an extension? Costly and maybe infeasible if you live in a flat. Foldaway furniture is one option but again, can be impractical never mind annoying having to erect and put away every day.

The Solution

The solution proposed must serve a family’s culinary , working and playtime needs. It has to be practical, cost-effective and be able to cater for larger parties when entertaining without compromising on space – in fact the opposite, it should create space. Unless you are Dr Who and can make your dining room larger on the inside than your house, the highly recommended solution is a corner dining set.

The 5 benefits of Corner Dining

Lets look at benefits a corner dining set can provide:

1. Corners in rooms are often wasted space.

Look at the corners in your room now. Are you using them? If so, what’s there? Anything butted up to a corner automatically feels and looks cramped. Corner dining however is designed to use that space effectively by design so negates these issues entirely.

2. Corner Dining Sets can take up less space than your everyday dining table and chairs.

Put your table into the corner of your room and see how impractical having single chairs with their back to the walls are. The beauty of this solution is that due to saving space with it’s smaller footprint, you’ve created more space elsewhere in the room to do as you choose with it.

3. Child seal of approval.

Great for children as they don’t feel penned in and corner seating can sometimes mirror the canteen style seating that they find in their nursery or schools particularly if you opt for benches. It actually creates a boundary too for the kids, again similar to the way they do in schools – this corner is for eating, etc. This helps to maintain order and tidiness.

4. Communal eating

The very nature of corner dining brings back family-time to the fore. Picture yourself in a cubicle in a restaurant and rediscover that intimate feeling you had. It helps with bonding and bringing relationships together.

5. Extended dining tables.

Just because we’re in a corner doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of a table that extends. The more the merrier. Throw in some matching chairs or benches and you’re sorted.

At HU, we consider these points convincing arguments for many people to favour a new Corner Dining Set. There are many options choose so here we consider some options.

The Options

Which one is right for you depends on a number of things. How big is your room? What kind of furniture do you like? Do you want to choose a pre-configured set or build your own from various components (i.e corner unit, table, chairs/benches, etc).

Many of the sets featured have matching dining chairs to sit nicely alongside if you want to expand the number of seats. Of course, there’s  a vast range of dining chairs also available if you’re the more eclectic type and who are we to discourage that. The same applies to the dining tables, many of the corner seats and benches re available individually. This means you have another array of tables to choose from if you want to create your own set or add to your existing table. Be sure to check the height of your table before settling on your choice.

All that’s left now is to choose what you want and reclaim your space back.

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