Bedding down in comfort… The perfect sleep sanctuary

Comfort is key…

At this time of year its important to have a comfortable place to hibernate from the cold and the dark nights. Being comfortable is at the top of the list when looking at new bedroom furniture.

When considering the design of your bedroom you want to make the most of the space available, utilising under bed storage or bedroom drawers. The new craze of being immaculately tidy is captivating us all and could work for you creating a fresh start. Tidying up and de-cluttering which is helped by freshening up your room with new furniture, gives you the motivation to tackle the mess.

To make the whole task easier why not try exploring a bedroom set so it gives you the motivation to organise the whole room with coordinating furniture. Furthermore, extending the colours through your bedroom compliments your room to the max. To finish off your beautifully furnished room, in-store we offer a curtain measuring service to get the perfect fit, completing your rooms.

Tips when designing your bedroom…

When planning a bedroom an idea to bare in mind is creating a colour scheme and environment which is separate to the rest of the home. By doing this your body creates a different association with the function of this room, to relax and rest.

As previously mentioned tidying up your room and de-cluttering this space is key to helping a good nights sleep. By removing any electronic devices that may be of a distraction and change the functionality of the room hinders the purpose of resting your head and drifting off peacefully.

A final simple yet effective tip to ensure a deep sleep is through the simple ritual of pulling back the duvet in the morning. But by the time it comes to settle in for the night the simple action of pulling up your duvet can assist in a better nights sleep.

The perfect mattress…

With a range of different brands we host a variety of different mattresses with unique characteristics and firmness. Some of our most popular brands include Sealy, Hypnos, Vi-Spring and Tempur. Having a decent mattress can be the difference with you having a good nights sleep and sleeping through. Each of our mattresses are available from a variety of known brands, with a range of sizes and firmness ratings each designed to help you drift off at night and awake fresh in the morning.

Each mattress in the Tempur Supreme collection is designed to accommodate for different sleeping requirements with the firmness and support varying. Considering what makes your feel fully rested depends on what mattress you need but Tempur isn’t the only recognised brand we sell at HU. Simba Hybrid mattresses have 5 layers to provide optimal comfort every night. Ensuring comfort is at the top of the list, regardless of your sleep pattern.

Some of our mattresses are held in store making it a quicker process for you to achieve a blissful nights sleep.

How to style your bed …

Wanting to glam up your bed space with a cushion or a throw, check out the inspiration below from @lydias_layton_life and @mrselizabethhome

Cushions provide that extra personal touch to your bed but a throw can add a cosy extra or a glamorous finish. Our full throw collection can be found here. Using simple additions of throws or cushions can make your bedroom your own sanctuary, the perfect get away space.

Be sure to continue to check out the HU Instagram page for the latest bedroom inspiration.

Children’s bedrooms at Coo Chi Coo…

For children it is more exciting for them to have a playful yet practical and cosy place of their own where they feel happy to play. Plus the overall aesthetic of the bed encourages them to stay and gives them a safe place. The variety of different beds for children ensures they have a comfortable nights sleep.

Making a child’s room a happy place positively reflects their personalities with bright and fresh designs. Their bedrooms are a place for exploring and working so this means it has to be a room which can accommodate using effective styling and design.

Explore our bedroom department online or come and visit us in-store.

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