Recap of 2018 Top Trends A look back at the top interior trends of 2018!

As the New Year approaches and 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the top interior trends that highlighted the year and stole the hearts of our customers! In no particular order…

Pretty In Pink


The clue is in the name with the Pretty In Pink trend. Delicate but bold, there’s no denying that pink makes a statement. High class and oozing sophistication, think Sketch London The Gallery vibes with comparable plush pink fabrics, gold accents and white marble. Because if it’s good enough for the city dwellers and Mayfair brunch goers then it’s good enough for your home!

This has always been a firm favourite in the interior design world for its soft undertones and aesthetic appeal – read more on the Pretty In Pink trend here!

Contemporary Industrial


The Contemporary Industrial trend boasts farmhouse meets industrial revolution with rustic textures, a neutral colour palette and a relaxed vibe combined with raw metal detailing and touches of modern art.

Industrial interiors is a longtime trend that is still going strong in 2018 for presenting raw and edgy in a chic and minimalist way – read more on the Contemporary Industrial trend here!

Moroccan Charm

Step into the souks of Morocco with this trend, designed to give your home that exotic feel. Traditional lanterns and lamps as well as intricate detailing and Mehndi patterns are an essential component to this trend. Don’t forget to feature lots of wood to create an earthy organic vibe!

This trend encompasses otherworldly beauty that is loved by all – read more on the Moroccan Charm trend here!

Metallic Lustre

The clue’s in the name with Metallic Lustre – shine and sparkle you can’t help but lust after! This range features metallic and mirrored pieces which reflect light and add to the overall lavishness of the look.

A longstanding favourite in interior design; mirrored, reflective and metallic pieces add that touch of luxury and glamour and brighten any room – read more on the Metallic Lustre trend here!

Predictions for 2019….

2018 has been another fabulous year for interiors, and for 2019 we predict that it is only going to get better! We expect blush pink to remain a strong contender and for people to become more playful with colours. We predict plants to become a bolder feature in the home. Keep an eye out on our social pages for more interior tips and tricks, style recommendations, and what’s hot or not in 2019 – and from all of us at HU, we hope you have a Happy New Year!

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