Black Friday The history behind all the bargains...

The origin of Black Friday shopping

Black Friday hit the UK high streets back in 2010. Each year it has since grown expansively with the online market. In 2017, Black Friday sales generated a huge £1.4 billion in online sales! This year the annual event takes place on 23rd November 2018.

There are various contested versions of the start of Black Friday traditional sales, ranging from financial crisis to plantation owners condoning slavery. Black Friday was first recorded on 24th September 1869 following the crash of the U.S gold market. Moving past the negative connotations there is now a more positive purpose to Black Friday. But to understand the name fully in the retail world it signifies the transition from the sale deficit in red, to maximum sales returning to black, so the name Black Friday was conceived.

This festive sale was most notably coined Black Friday when in Philadelphia the police carried out patrols the day after Thanksgiving, with vast crowds and tourists shopping. After the American holiday it was important to control the chaos and restore order of this BIG shopping event.  This name really took off in the retail world since 1961.

The psychology behind Black Friday shopping

Understanding the growth behind this event in today’s society is the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). FOMO and its impact on our use with social media leads us to wanting the latest designs and trends, especially around Black Friday deals. At HU we offer the latest designs and products which can be found on our Instagram (under the username: housingunits ). With Black Friday deals being online and in-store it minimises the chances of you missing out!

It is now a time to celebrate the reduced prices and have more fun with friends and family shopping. Our customer culture is massively changing and making it easier to get the deal which is best for the shopper!

Looking behind the scenes of shopping and by bagging a good deal it reflects the emotional experience associated with this well-loved hobby! It brings more people emotional strain if they have to pay extra than buy whilst the price is good. Thus, act on the Black Friday deals, to minimise the feeling of regret. In neurological terms getting a bargain releases a dopamine rush and makes us feel happy. Award winning consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, expresses how…

'there’s also an element of tradition and bonding the whole family can get behind, satisfaction in the ritual and in connecting with others through a shared experience' ~Kit Yarrow

Showing how this new ingrained culture is beneficial to boost morale and increase pleasure.

What all this means for you…bargains!

Here at HU we are celebrating this event both in-store and online. So, you can choose how you want to make your pounds stretch a little further and get the best offers out there. If you want the atmosphere and thrill come in store to experience this. Alternatively, if you prefer the comfort of your own home to snatch the best deal then check out our website.

This phenomena caught on in the UK since the late 2000’s, another form of Americanisation we celebrate! Importing this celebration boosts economic growth but also adds to our changing consumer culture. Why not use this event to get the latest trends and styles at a reduced cost? Even spruce up your home with accessories in this Black Friday event.

To highlight the importance of this event PWC conducted a study from 2017 retail figures and found that only 1 in 10 plan to avoid this shopping extravaganza. Figures like this show the expansive growth and why we at HU want to be involved! Some of the deals we are including in our Black Friday deals are the Ted Baker Chatsworth Bedding with up to 50% off !

Alongside these deals which shouldn’t be missed, HU are also offering other house-ware deals with up to 50% off.  Have a look at our Facebook and Twitter to see the latest deals offered.  Use our Black Friday deals to get ahead on Christmas shopping and let the deals mark the start of the holiday season and the festive shopping.

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