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As the autumnal equinox is looming, on Sunday 28th October this year, the winter nights begin to draw in and the lights within our homes need to get switched on earlier each day. This creates a great opportunity to think about how we can create a bright, cosy and energy efficient home. Since the invention of the light bulb in 1878 by Thomas Edison, the designs have evolved rapidly. The replacement of the carbon filament lightbulb with the much more energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting over recent years significantly reduces our carbon footprint. HU offer the latest designs in a variety of different colours and styles. Read on to further explore LED lighting…

The adaption of LED lighting has created a wealth of innovative ideas for the home. The incorporation of smart technology allows you to control lighting from your phone and allows you to personalise each room to reflect any look or mood you require. From the beginning of their creation LED’s have been seen as offering the lighting of the future, most notably by  providing quicker responsiveness when switched on and generating more light per units of energy consumed. The sleek, innovative and glimmering designs highlight how far LED’s have come since the use of incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

The conception of LED lights provides an alternative from the old high wattage incandescent bulbs. Without using a wire filament to produce the light, it is now achieved through a semi-conductor, limiting heat loss and maximising light. LED’s were initially used for small indicator lights in electronic devices and were extremely expensive for everyday use. However, as technology advanced, manufacturing costs dropped, they became more ubiquitous. Being far more dependable than your average eco bulb and more importantly, much brighter without adding £s to your electricity bill. LEDs have become an attractive proposition when lighting your home . Most importantly the evolution has led to increased efficiency and decreased cost.

"Most importantly the evolution has led to increased efficiency and decreased cost" Tim Hart (HU Lighting Buyer)

What are lumen;

Lumens in lighting indicates the brightness of each light. It is important to understand the difference between lumen and watts; watts being the light power output, not brightness. The required lumen you want depends upon room size, shape, ceiling height to list a few of the most crucial factors.

Focussing on the lumens in each product the more decorative feature lights typically provide higher lumens, ranging from 2000-2700. Whereas, table and floor lamps exhibit lower lumens, around 300- 1000. These differences in brightness create the required mood in different rooms and settings. For example, our Globo Amur LED Bar Pendant Light , provides perfect down lighting to increase the natural white light! Hence, not only does the light provide a stunning, elegant feature but a focal point in any kitchen diner or hallway.

Cold winter evenings are great for entertaining guests and spending nights in with close friends.  Lighting is a decorative feature, adding a sparkle to any room. The lighting collections at HU accentuate the warmth and comfort required for winter evenings. Both the traditional and contemporary designs suit a range of lifestyles and bring a touch of glamour to any home.

Here at HU we offer a large selection of bulbs which can be the simplest, lowest cost alteration needed in your home to generate better lighting levels plus save energy at the same time. By doing this it gives a new lease of life to your existing lights. Follow this link to see our full range of LED bulbs.  With summer officially ending these small changes can add the brightness needed in your home. Now with the average cost of these bulbs lowering, it is a more viable option for everyone as incandescent lighting is phasing out. But no need to worry as LED lighting is designed to match traditional lighting fittings, making the switch easier for you. Better still LED bulbs include a longer product guarantee and longer lifespan so you will not need to change your bulbs as often.

See the benefits below…

Benefits of LED lighting;

  • As little as 5% heat loss
  • Lifespan of up to 25 times longer than conventional bulbs
  • Cost efficient, using a fraction of the energy required by incandescent bulbs
  • Switching 1 LED bulb equates to planting 400,000,000 trees* 
  • Contains non toxic materials, so 100% recyclable

1.                                   2.                                             3. 

  1.  Wofi Art Brushed Aluminium Pendant Light

2.    Lefes Chrome Semi Flush LED Light 

3.   Globo Amur LED Bar Pendant Light 

Health benefits of LED lighting;

HU offer a wide range of LED lighting to furnish and brighten all aspects of your home from floor lamps, table lamps to ceiling and wall lights. These charming lights will be a dazzling feature! When considering LED lighting in your home or workplace the warm white lighting illuminates any living room, bedroom or hallway. This is why warm white lighting creates the perfect ambience to counter the gloomy winter mornings and short evenings.

These features of LED reverse the effects of adverse emotions and feelings linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D).  Changes in our work patterns and our modern lifestyles our home lighting is becoming an increasingly important cue hence, LED lighting helps regulate our body clocks and other light deficient symptoms. The new exciting feature of colour changing technology for LED lights accommodates different moods. The range covers warm white light to daylight, available through dimmer switches.

Check out this link to further understand how important lighting is in order to counter S.A.D

Other benefits of LED lighting includes…

  • Helping align circadian rhythm
  • Help decrease headaches
  • Increase productivity and learning performance
  • Decrease stress and anxiety

By making small changes in your lighting choice you can have a positive impact on your own health.

With increasing energy usage as the clocks go back the best option is LED lighting! Not only does this form of lighting shine bright but it also adds an elegant extra.  As lighting is becoming a smart feature to homes and office spaces it is important to stay on trend. This statement lighting will suit any home, bringing clean, bright and directional light!

Check out all the lighting collections for indoor and outdoor lighting at HU !


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