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In today’s world it’s rare anything ever stands still, and as far as we see it, neither should your furniture. Reclining furniture promises a perfect cinema set-up (just add snacks for optimal effect!), however in addition to ultimate comfort, it is also offers a whole host of health benefits ie it relieves achy joints and pain, improves circulation and even relieves stress!

When reclining furniture first came on the market, electric controlled varieties were considerably more expensive than manual. However, over the years the price of electronic has dropped and is now much more accessible to a wider range of customers. Electric recliners are more suited for the elderly market who have less strength to be pulling levers and kicking footrests back into place, but even to those who have no difficulty we would still say, why not do this just by the push of a button? Recliners have evolved, less the frumpy lumpy pieces you remember from days gone by but now much more sleek and well designed. In fact, many brands now offer the ability to customise your recliner to suit your preference ie size, colour, fabric and leather options, range of motion options, electric or manual, also whether it comes as a corner group or with a chaise, single chair, two-seater, three-seater, etc etc!


The Washington reclining sofa comes from G Plan, a brand who offer high quality, UK manufactured recliners. The Washington has foam-filled cushions for additional comfort, and the lines and stitching of the sofa add depth and detail to the overall look. It also comes in a range of fabric and colour options to best suit you.


The Bergamo has a classic look and comes from the stylish Italian design move of Natuzzi Editions (new studio coming soon to our store – watch this space!) who boast an excellent selection of leathers with recent fabric launches. The Bergamo has various sizing options, is foam-filled for your comfort, and even has the option of contrast stitching.

Tasman Nevio

Our ranges from manufacturer ROM epitomise Belgian design and engineering at its finest with a quality selection of weaves from the Belgian mills, as well as leather options. The Tasman Nevio is a more modern and contemporary design and can be made bespoke. Come in store to try our configerator which illustrates your design with the latest technology, enabling you to better visualise the end result!

If you’ve been swayed from the standard still sofa and now want to explore the beauty of reclining furniture, come and visit our impressive in store showrooms, and to be kept up to date with any in store offers make sure you’re following us on Facebook!

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