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Every Spring we are proud to introduce our customers to 5 new home interior trends. Styled and supplied by us, our trends are the perfect way to inspire any home enthusiast and refresh your décor for the new season.


Let the corners of the world loose on your home with the Eclectic Revival Spring trend. Inspired by the beauty in different cultures around the globe, the Eclectic Revival trend reimagines these styles, patterns, textures and colours in your own interior. Ideal Home magazine even predicted “Global Goodness” to be a key home interior trend for 2018 (check out their full article here)!

How to Tackle Tribal Down to a T.

The perfect starting point for nailing this trend is a base of natural textures such as wood, leather and metal combined with a neutral, earthy colour palette. Reminiscent of the land which Mother Nature so kindly gives, natural materials and earthy tones relate to a longing to get back to nature and a modern ethos for more sustainable living.

Add pops of colour. While monochrome is a westernised way of thinking, in Asian and African countries vibrant colours are the epitome of their culture; everything from their religion to their fashion, their food to (of course) their interiors bursts with colour. Check out our Moroccan Décor and Safari Décor Pinterest Boards for a taste of how different countries incorporate colour into their interior.

Finally, accessorise with prints, art and a selection of exotic foliage to complete the look. Weaved baskets and rugs, vases and lanterns, statues and figurines, canvas prints and ceremonial masks work well with this trend and will give your home an authentic feel. Below are some examples of how to accessorise using elements from different cultures, but don’t feel limited to this – let your personal style and inspiration from other cultures blend to create a truly wonderful interior space.

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