Pretty In Pink Explore the Pretty In Pink Spring trend

Every Spring we are proud to introduce our customers to 5 new home interior trends. Styled and supplied by us, our trends are the perfect way to inspire any home enthusiast and refresh your décor for the new season.


The clue is in the name with the Pretty In Pink trend. Delicate but bold, there’s no denying that pink makes a statement. High class and oozing sophistication, think Sketch London The Gallery vibes with comparable plush pink fabrics, gold accents and white marble. Because if it’s good enough for the city dwellers and Mayfair brunch goers then it’s good enough for your home!

There’s no right or wrong in interiors, it’s all about your personal style. You may be truly on board with the trend and ready to incorporate it fully (you can shop the entire collection here), or to create a look that’s truly your own an easy way to pick the trend apart would be by styling with different colours. We find that pink goes well with neutral tones like dove grey to create a soft, dreamy look. Or go bolder – in recent months we have seen rich forest green being incorporated with pink interiors, check out our ‘Pink n Green’ Pinterest Board for inspiration.

With Pretty In Pink it’s all about the detailing, I mean just look at the intricate wood of the Myra Collection! There’s also an abundance of geometric print to serve those detail needs. Geometric prints and pieces are a great addition to the home, but don’t worry if you don’t want audacious geometric wallpaper as this collection has plenty of geometric accessories which are more easily incorporated into your home and, even better, using lots of accessories really creates that homely feel. Shop our Pink Circle Abstract Framed Wall Art or our Malini Laser Gold Cushion to begin your geometric accessorising.

Pomeranian @bettybearward got the modelling job! As part of the Pretty in Pink collection we have this gorgeous Pink Velvet Dog Bed. Suitable for a celebrity pedigree, this dog bed is a must-have for puppy’s with style. And for those who sadly don’t own a dog, we thought you’d appreciate the cute picture.


Feeling inspired? Shop the entire Pretty In Pink collection here!

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