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Every Spring we are proud to introduce our customers to 5 new home interior trends. Styled and supplied by us, our trends are the perfect way to inspire any home enthusiast and refresh your décor for the new season.


The Modern Living trend has a focus on dining, bragging a sleek collection of Sabatier Cookware with a design that makes it ideal for serving straight from the oven to the dining table. Just add a sausage casserole for the full effect!


Modern Living is all about hosting – in the most stylish way possible! – and, just like the aesthetic cookware turned tableware, the Cosmo Extending Dining Table does exactly that. Extending up to 220cm to accommodate more guests and with a dusky, charcoal grey finish with complementary dark metal legs it brings a cutting-edge style to open-plan areas. Use the slider below to see the table before and after extension.

This trend breathes dark tones and minimalistic touches, creating a chic, moody vibe. Sleek and dramatic, read on for top tips on how to incorporate dark tones into your home.

DO use different shades! We love black, varying greys and navy.
DO use accessories! Accessories really finish a look and you can experiment by adding different textures or colours. With everything from cushions to wall art, ornaments to throws, there's so much to play with.
DO be brave! Have the confidence to use dark colours in your home and see how it pays off when your decorating is complete.

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