Fire Department Winter Sale

With Christmas gone the knowledge that the cold weather and dark nights are far from over weighs heavily on our hearts. With fantastic savings across our fire department, just like the hibernating bear, you have the perfect excuse to stay cosy right up until Spring.

Let’s brush up on your fireplace knowledge! Electric fires do not produce a real flame but simulate a fire for visual effect, perfect for creating that warm glowing ambience. They are considered to be safer (as there is no actual fire) and more energy efficient (as they produce less heat), therefore making them more economically friendly. Although higher maintenance, gas fires do produce a real flame and offer the benefit of more heat, as well as an authentic feel. A wood-burner is where you physically light a fire yourself and burn either wood (or coal). Wood-burners come in a stove style but you can also get electric and gas fires in this style too. Stoves are more rustic and traditional, yet if the modern look is your preference we have plenty to choose from; the Evonic fires in particular are very popular due to their contemporary designs.

For our full range of reduced fireplaces click here!

We particularly love the Chicago and its almond stone effect finish – reduced from £699 to £599! Equally, the Rigola is a favourite of ours with its contemporary white and grey micro marble – with you in mind reduced from £799 to £599!

Fireplace accessories are not only practical but add that professional log cabin feel when styled appropriately. For a more rustic, traditional look we love the metal tool station, or for a more classic and contemporary look the pewter fire guard adds a touch of luxury to the room and is perfect for protecting your cream carpet. Check out our full range of fireplace accessories here!

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