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Time is a peculiar thing. Adults wistfully reminisce to their youth, and kids just desperately want to be older. Even the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is obsessed with the ticking hands of the clock. There’s never enough of it, someone’s always running late and if only we just had more of it.

In a desperate attempt to save time we introduced daylight savings. Some call it playing God; others call it a real nuisance. Its purpose is to make better use of daylight. Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t created for farmers, it was implemented during the First World War to conserve electricity, reduce domestic coal consumption and increase the supplies available for manufacturing and the war effort – and it’s stuck.

Although the clocks change only twice a year, each time it happens Great Britain is collectively left disorientated and confused. In our developed world, technology plays a helping hand, switching to the new time automatically, but adjusting our bodies and our minds to the darker nights isn’t as instantaneous. What we at Housing Units suggest to help are some good lighting solutions.

We all know someone who leaves a lamp on overnight so they don’t wake up in the mornings to a dark house, and snuggling up on the sofa in an evening with some warm ambient lighting definitely makes those darker nights more bearable. We hope our lighting solutions not only inspire, but help you cope with the upcoming clock change.

The Industrial Revolution

Industrial lighting has been on trend for some time now, and continues to grow in popularity. It’s all about rustic finishes and a heavy emphasis on metal, and is perfect for adding a unique twist to any area. These kinds of lighting designs work really well in kitchens but can be used throughout the entire home. Accessorising with copper, brass, chrome or black furnishings really completes the look and gives your home an edge. Also on trend in the lighting world are Edison lightbulbs and these look particularly good when used with industrial-style lighting. Edison bulbs are vintage-style filament bulbs which contain a thin coil of wire. They add warmth, beauty and a sense of nostalgia. Don’t be afraid to dabble with industrial.

Industrial Lighting Products

The Move to LED

As consumers become increasingly more conscious and responsible, the latest trend in lighting shows a move towards LED. Incandescent bulbs are very wasteful as most of their power is wasted in the form of heat; however LED lighting by comparison is much more efficient and environmentally friendly. This is a particularly important trend as it is a key indicator of the direction in which the future of lighting design is headed. Especially as the general prices of LED’s on the marketplace are now falling to something more affordable, we believe they will soon dominate the lighting industry. On top of this, LED’s offer a variety of colours, brightness levels, shapes and so on. Our Wofi Hampton Chrome Pendant Light in particular even has dimmable LED light! LED is definitely the smart choice for your lighting solutions.

LED Lighting Products

Copper Everything Please

Another trend that’s been in the game for some time is the copper trend. A strong contender, homeowners across the country have fallen in love with its contemporary look. From cutlery to chairs, copper can be incorporated into the home in many ways. Although it is reflective and high-shine it compliments a variety of other neutral tones and colours, for example wood, marble or stone, greys, whites and blacks. We at Housing Unit’s particularly like the use of copper with blush pink. Copper produces a rosy glow that gives off warm and homey vibes, chic and fashionable; with this trend you can make a statement. Make copper your go-to choice for your lighting aesthetic.

Copper Lighting Products

Shop the products featured in this article using the links below:

  1. Debut Brushed Antique Copper Single Light Pendant Light (437519)
  2. Integral ES E27 4.5W Candle Filament Clear Light Bulb (437846)
  3. Hannover Antique Brass & Black 3 Light Bar Pendant Light (437522)
  4. Hannover Antique Brass & Black Wall Light (437523)
  5. Terrace Copper Table Lamp (437535)
  6. Ray Antique Brass Single Wall Light (437528)
  7. Academy 5 Light Pendant (380202)
  8. Terrace Copper Single Pendant Light (437531)
  9. Wofi Hampton Chrome Pendant Light (438352)
  10. Marilyn Crystal Pendant Light (429463)
  11. Muni LED Chrome Table Lamp (331975)
  12. Marilyn Semi Flush LED Ceiling Light (365862)
  13. Lefes Chrome Semi Flush LED Light (365859)
  14. Kartell Bourgie Copper Table Lamp (362287)
  15. Muni Medium Copper Pendant Light (429817)
  16. Dar Zephyr Non Electric Copper Pendant Shade (364176)
  17. Eclipse Copper Wall Light (425987)
  18. HU Home Barley Black Copper 5 Arm Pendant Light (432624)

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