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Snow may not be falling yet, but as we near the end of October the temperature continues to drop. Everyone is wearing their boots, jumpers and coats again, and while we are dressed for the occasion, our houses may be neglected in comparison. Luckily, Housing Units are on hand with a heating solution; a fireplace event guaranteed to give you the marshmallow effect.

What is the marshmallow effect you ask? Imagine a marshmallow, pink or white it’s up to you, roasting in front of a fire. Now imagine you are that marshmallow; melting, sticking, sinking into your sofa, so comfortable and so cosy you might never move again. For best results add fluffy blankets, a hot chocolate and a feel-good film for good measure.

Dimplex, world leaders in electric heating, are offering all Housing Units customers the chance to get cashback on a selection of their Opti-Myst fireplaces from 20th October-31st December**The fireplace must be bought between the 20th October-8th December but the voucher for cashback can be redeemed anytime up until the 31st December.

We are also offering an extended 2 year warranty (3 year total) when purchased from us.

The innovative Opti-Myst range is easy to install, energy efficient and has designs to suit all budgets. Available in various styles; electric stoves, inset fires, wall-mounted fires, electric basket fires and electric suites, the Opti-Myst range uses state of the art, patented technology to create a realistic 3D flame and smoke effect. This flame effect is adjustable; you can create the illusion of a low burning fire or turn it up for a roaring flame. There is even a setting for flame only with no heat, perfect for creating an atmosphere even when your home is toasty warm.

So as cosy night-in season flourishes, what could be more appealing than an Opti-Myst fireplace of your own? We invite you to experience the marshmallow effect first-hand; because we think everyone deserves to feel the upmost level of comfort this winter.

This event is instore only and not available to customers purchasing online.

See our full range of stocked fireplaces featuring in the promotion below!



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