African Safari Interior Inspiration

At Housing Unit’s we love the modern take on safari themed décor that is being seen in homes more and more. Tasteful yet creative, elegant with a wild side, we’re going to talk you through how to style your home with an exotic jungle vibe; perfect for the adventurous types who want to incorporate the beauty and serenity of nature into their homes.

The obvious go-to for a safari theme would of course be animal print. This is the necessary staple to create a safari look; I mean can you even picture a safari theme without it? Animal print is a statement regardless of how much of it you decide to use. It’s bold and adds character and style. We love using more than one kind of print, our favourites are leopard and zebra.

Animal Print Products

While animal print creates the statement for your look, it should be used sparingly so as to prevent an overpowering, gaudy look. Add other fabrics and prints to break it up; for example, along with your animal prints use reclaimed wood, brown leathers, canvas, tribal prints and neutral earthy colours.

Neutral Earthy Products

The key to creating a successful safari theme is capturing the spirit of the African animals and landscape. Animal statues, sculptures and figurines are a good way to do this; they are chic and add a touch of grandeur. Place on top of the coffee table or bookshelf, or have larger statues on the floor by the sofa for best effect.

Animal Statues, Ornaments and Figurines

We are proud to present our latest lighting collection of monkey and mice lamps. The monkeys in particular are the penultimate purchase to complete your safari theme but we couldn’t continue without giving their mice companion’s special mention as well. The mice come in a charming white and the monkeys can be purchased in black or white. This innovative and unique light collection is perfect for anyone who loves functional art and creative design.

White Monkey Lamps

Black Monkey Lamps

Mice Lamps

While so far we have discussed a more neutral colour palette it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a splash of colour to your safari theme. Reds, rusts and orange variations work particularly well with a safari theme, imitating the African sun burning low in the sky, and complementing the existing colours. However don’t shy away from the brighter, flashier colours; these can modernise your look, they really make a statement and make the room pop. We love the Pink Flamingo Lamp, or you could even add large turquoise peacock feathers to a vase to decorate a room.

Pop of Colour Products

Although we love colour, accentuating with black undeniably increases the glam factor. The versatility of safari interiors allows you to personalise the theme to your preference; whether you want to be modern with colour or glamourous with black, we have something for you. The best part is that if you can’t choose then you can always combine the two and it will still work in perfect harmony.

Black Products

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  11. Malini Samark Black Tribal Cushion (432208)
  12. Black Sitting Monkey Lamp (445713)
  13. Large Cheetah (312274)
  14. Zebra Bust (341219)
  15. White Sitting Mouse Lamp (445710)
  16. Glitter Snake Sculpture (423166)
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  18. White Sitting Monkey Lamp (445708)
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  20. Black Sitting Monkey Lamp (445713)
  21. White Sitting Mouse Lamp (445710)
  22. White Standing Mouse Lamp (445709)
  23. White Lie Down Mouse Lamp (445711)
  24. Riva Paoletti Twin Zebra Lime Cushion (410209)
  25. Pink Flamingo Lamp (433292)
  26. Ted Baker Butterfly Collective Cushion (420844)
  27. Empire Black and Crystals Vase (433652)
  28. Arthouse Lagoon Black Wallpaper (372492)
  29. Trafalgar Gold Table Lamp Base (443506)

Feeling inspired? Check out our Safari Decor Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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