Autumn Trends 2017

The process is so subtle you might not have even noticed it yet; the morning air is crisp against your skin and the leaves aren’t quite so green anymore. The month of September brings the promise of a new season, leaving these clues to hint at its arrival before it erupts into its full red and gold glory. With the arrival of autumn come new season trends begging to revamp your home; these are the key colours, materials and fabrics best incorporated to master the 2017 autumn style.


Although not a traditionally autumnal colour, dark green has become the favourite colour of the season. Dramatic emerald tones inject depth and luxury and are best seen on kitchen cabinets, statement sofas, or on a feature wall. If you desire a more understated style, look to soft furnishings such as cushions as a way to include the colour in your home.

Dark green products

Although millennial pink has been increasing in popularity, moodier, darker colours are coming into play this autumn. The older sister to its blush counterpart, rich berry hues in a sophisticated palette of cherries, plums and raspberries are an autumn favourite. Fortunately, millennial pink and berry colours complement one another, meaning existing pinks don’t need to be replaced, simply updated with the introduction of a darker palette, for example a berry throw over a blush chaise lounge.

Berry Products

The new season sees a shift away from minimalistic, all-white interiors. Teal is an on-trend, instantly brightening colour which works particularly well against fresh whites, making it an effortless way to update your white home. The benefit of this approach is that your white staples act as a base to add colour to, and make it easy to update again and again as trends and tastes in colours change.

Materials and Fabrics

The ever-popular velvet trend continuously proves to be more than just a seasonal fling; with designers and decorators alike boasting of the fabric all year round, you’ll struggle to find any home interiors article or blog post without it being featured in a place of honour. Velvet is a choice way to add some grandeur into your home and the immortal power of the fabric is its versatility; you could be bold and bright with primary colours and statement pieces, or opt for a soft pastel colour palette to create a more romantic feel. Let’s not forget the classic option with an elegant colour scheme of champagnes and silvers and a crushed velvet finish to add that extra depth and texture.

Velvet products

Marble is a timeless material to have in your home; it’s a real crowd pleaser. The look is traditionally achieved through table tops and kitchen counters, however due to its growing popularity people have become more experimental with the style, for example marble effect lamps and cushions. While white marble is the more classic option, black marble is said to be the go-to choice this season, retaining the elegance and class that white marble has to offer but adding a sleek and modern twist.

Black marble products

Outdated plastics are being replaced with natural materials this season; think exposed brickwork and cement, and home accessories in materials such as wicker, cork, wood and clay. To achieve this look at home invest in wicker hanging baskets, clay vases and bamboo blinds. The use of natural materials in the home is raw, simple and clean; the new minimalistic. As with any minimalistic style, natural materials are extremely versatile and easy to update by introducing different materials and colours to the mix. For example, styling with metals creates a more industrial look, or add reds and rusts to give your home a Moroccan vibe.

Natural material products

  1. Malini Luxe Pine Green Velvet Cushion (445680)
  2. Illusion Prism Rug (431281)
  3. Green Woven Placemat (438450)
  4. Malini Dennis Copper Cushion (432224)
  5. Christy Supreme Hygro Raspberry Towel Collection (337711M)
  6. Kartell Cache Cache Ombreuse Reed Diffuser (439282)
  7. Voyage Tourmaline Melusina Oval Vase (417526)
  8. Chloe Shoreditch Fabric Wing Chair (L010532)
  9. Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Aubergine Bedding Collection (442837M)
  10. Harlequin Momentum Sumi Zig Zag Bedding Collection (429694M)
  11. Teal Geo Linea by Patience (430841)
  12. Teal Wall Sculpture (394096)
  13. Christy Plush Stonewash Towel Collection (428929M)
  14. Bay Harbour by Silver (429887)
  15. Ted Baker Butterfly Collective Bedding Collection (420840M)
  16. Vera Crushed Velvet Silver Armchair (410038)
  17. Riva Paoletti Roma Crushed Velvet Cushion – Aubergine (401717)
  18. Riva Paoletti Verona Oyster Velvet Curtain Collection (439188M)
  19. Lugano Kingsize Silver Bed Frame with Revive Mattress (426418/328722value)
  20. Harlequin Momentum Operetta Mink Cushion (429691)
  21. Allegra Black Console Table (410030) – This item is discontinued and there is limited stock available, get it while you can!
  22. Edo Overreach Floor Lamp (334021)
  23. Sabatier Maison Wood Salt Pig with Black Marble Lid (440028)
  24. Sabatier Maison Bamboo Stand with 4 Marble Salt Pig Pots (440030)
  25. Bayport Glass Top Driftwood Pieced Coffee Table (426509)
  26. Meditating Buddha Stone Ornament (434059)
  27. Dome Top White Wicker Linen Basket (406709)
  28. Twig Heart (430076)

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