Why you should invest in the corner seating trend

Have you ever found yourself craving more space in your kitchen or dining room? Maybe your dining chairs feel cluttered around your dining table or you’re trying to squeeze in extra chairs but have nowhere to put them? If this sounds like you, corner seating could be the answer.

Gone are the days where rooms were compartmentalised within the house. More often than not, we favour open plan space where our kitchen, dining and living room areas merge together. As social creatures, we like to keep our family and friends close as we cook and enjoy personal time.

It is no wonder then that we constantly look to maximise space in the household. Dining nooks are great space-savers. They give you the ability to accommodate more people in less space, ideal for entertaining friends and family whilst creating a cosy environment. The beautiful Timor Wood Dining Table with Corner Bench is a fantastic example of this. Blending contemporary with classic, this kitchen furniture is perfect for anyone seeking to create the rustic look in their kitchen. Crossed beam leg support, alongside tile inlay inside the waxed wood frame table, makes this set sturdy and durable. The luxurious grey fabric of the corner bench contrasts well with the authentic reclaimed wood, making this a stand-out piece for any home.

Investing in corner sets also allows you to strike a balance – you can adapt your seating arrangements to fit smaller or unusual sized rooms without clutter. Creating new space in the middle of the room instantly gives your home an elegant and contemporary feel. Our Cadeo Dining Table adds a designer finish, its stylish deep padded fabric seats promoting maximum relaxation. Exclusive to Housing Units, this corner group’s stone effect table sits on two ‘U’ shaped aluminium legs, delivering a polished look.

Opening up your kitchen with a corner dining set also allows you to get creative with your space, and design a more unique, personal home. The perfect excuse to make the most out of your kitchen, spend time catching up with friends and family around the Caspian Left Hand Corner Bench Dining Set. With a stylish mix of concrete and stainless steel, this industrial design will transform your room. Why not decorate with soft furnishings such as cushions or a rug for extra comfort?

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