How to Incorporate the Velvet Trend into Your Home

The velvet trend has proven itself to be more than just a seasonal moment.
It appears the trend is here to stay throughout the next few seasons, and we can expect it to make a big splash within the interior design world.

canterbury velvet sofa

Velvet is an incredibly versatile material. It’s perfect for adding a serious style lift to any interior.

Whether it be a main focal point within the home, or simply splashes of the regal texture, home furnishings experts Housing Units explain the easiest ways to incorporate this trend, to help you truly make a statement!

Make it bold

The best way to get the velvet trend right is to make sure you’re not overdoing it. It can be difficult- especially with all the great pieces available! However, opting for one key piece of furniture will add just the right touch without going overboard.

Be bold and add a sofa in with rich colours to achieve a contemporary look, or to upgrade a minimalist theme. Upholstery that has timeless shapes and colours can make a space seem extravagant and more polished. Colour plays a big factor when choosing your statement piece too- deep jewel tones such as navy, plums and reds will further add to a modern look.

Alternatively, if you’re into a softer, more romantic feel, opting for soft pinks and nude colours will create a softer, more subtle impact.

crushed velvet cushions

Simple touches

Adding small, simple touches of velvet is a great option for those who don’t want to fully commit to a statement piece. It’s also a cheaper way of bringing the trend to your home, and allows you to experiment with velvet against other fabrics.

Update a living space with deep velvet cushions, ottomans, or dining chairs. Cushions are a particularly easy way to make a statement. Against a linen, wool or cotton fabric cushion, it adds a beautiful contrast to a room.

velvet table lamp

For another twist, amp up the trend and add other accessories. Lamps, upholstered mirror boards and throws can establish a beautiful space with an understated feel.

Incorporate the trend in your bedroom

Upgrade your bedding to create the ultimate comfortable space! Again, there are all sorts of subtle or statement ways that this can be incorporated into a space. You can choose to add touches of velvet to your headboard, dressers, and chairs.

blue velvet armchair

If you’re wishing to add texture over colour to a neutral room, consider using lighter tones on curtains, or bedding. Bedding is an excellent way to tone down or add a depth of colour in a non- committal way. Treat yourself and upgrade!

While velvet may seem difficult to work with, it is one design trend that can truly add a sense of glamour and inject luxury into your home.

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